Constant 2v1s are killing my mood

I love halo infinite gameplay and gunplay its really solid but what gets old really quick is the constant 2v1s. I’ll get an opponent weak they’ll back off then switch with a full health teammate. Sometimes it’s my fault bad positioning and all but I can’t help but wonder “where’s my backup? Where are my teammates?” I get like one match where I do well but then its constant 2v1 / 3v1 simulator.


Unfortunately that’s a really big part of halo, my advice is to not commit to killing someone unless you know you can finish the kill.


If your teammates are sticking with you, then you should follow someone else and not assume that they’re following you.

That said, people right now are usually just brain dead running around. Then again, that’s kind of always been an issue in Halo.

Dude, identical experience here. You’re not alone. Some of it is just getting the hang of the game, some of it is definitely bad spawns + challenges which discourage teamwork.


If you feel that you’re team mate are never around, maybe you’re the lone wolf.


Yup this is a big thing that separates lower level from higher level play.

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Yeah typically I am a lone wolf but these are small maps having backup shouldn’t be that obscure?

Perhaps play with some friends, or change up your play style for a few game, try being the backup. See if that makes your experience feel any better.


Also don’t over commit. One of the changes of strategy I’ve employed in halo that had the biggest payoff was not being afraid to retreat (and actually retreating a lot more from engagements than I used to).

Playing from a life preservation view really helped me a lot. You can still lone wolf if that’s your style - you just have to be a lot more choosy and tactical about your engagements.

Yeah I do retreat when I’m low. I back around a corner and boom another enemy is there I had no clue was there and they get the clean up. It may not be their fault but some more information on where enemies are or teammates are might help. I wish more people I knew played more often but that’s not in my control

Yeah TTK is super fast in this game, so getting into a 2v1, you just melt like an ice cube. It’s really not good.


That’s 4v4 for you. Stick with your team or, for the most part, you’re going to have a bad time. Ranked is especially unforgiving. The maps in 4v4 are so small that if you’re running lone wolf style, more often then not there are going to be a couple players on the enemy team that will have you in their sights at one time.

I’m more of a lone wolf player too, and I find that BTB is a lot more forgiving for solo/lone wolf type players. Bigger maps and longer sight lines let you shoot from cover, and pick off other lone wolf players in 1v1 gunfights. Obviously you’re going to want to stick with your team if you’re fighting in or around a choke point/objective, but there are usually a lot of smaller pockets on the map where you’re going to run into solo players.

Good luck.

Dawg, this is why humans invented the concept of friendship.

Go follow a teammate or grab a friend to matchmake with. As it was once written somewhere while describing the game, “The lone wolf survives, but the pack thrives.”

TTK is similar to 3. The BR TTK is exactly the same as Halo 3. Weapons that outpace it are the Shock Rifle and the Stalker Rifle, both of which demand great accuracy in trade for their high TTK.

Not talking about BR, talking about typical 2v1s which usually means ARs, but could mean anything. The BR is comparatively weaker in this, so it might have the same TTK as in Halo 3, but overall you die faster in this game just in general. The Stalker Rifle 3-hit-kills you and shoots faster than the old BR; the AR kills you faster than almost anything. I don’t mind the Ar being strong, but having the range it does with such a short TTK is a problem, because 2v1s happen all the time and you can’t win them anymore. In old Halos, I could win a 2v1 if I outwitted the other two, but I can’t now. I die before I even know I’m getting hit.


Aozolai did a comparison and showed the BR kills in the same TTK as in Halo 3.

I’m ok with the AR having worse range as long as the TTK stays the same.

As far as the Stalker rifle, it promotes good accuracy and personally I suck with the damn thing. But I think it’s fine imo. I never seen people using it at mid range.

Yeah I don’t mind it either, it was just an example. I think the AR’s TTK could stay the same and be fine if it’s range is reduced a decent bit so that 2v1s aren’t as easy or common. Bigger radar would also help with that.

Easy solution: Stick with your teammates. You can’t trust them to stay on you, so stay on them. You can break off to flank or reposition when appropriate if their map movement and positioning is poor.

Halo requires patience. Let the game come to you, don’t force it. Make smart, high percentage plays.

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Ranked feels fine because it’s just BRs. As soon as you jump into normal arena you have ARs shredding you across the map, which now do extra headshot damage.

2V1 and even 3V1 I can come out on top in ranked with a little strafing. In its current state you are not going to be lone wolfing it with the way the AR is in arena.

Until 343 fixes it I’m playing ranked only.

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Its the AR mechanics. The AR needs to be nerfed or headshot damage needs to be higher while the shield is active.