Console & Collectors, talking to you 343i!

I am purchasing both the console and the collectors editions of the game, both of which have a release date of October 20th. I have come to the understanding that although we are getting the game early to pre download it to our consoles so we can pick up and play at the launch night of Oct. 27th I plea to you, please if not let us have the full game at launch can you allow those of us “who are willing to collect the fancy baubles and bits given to us by your gracious hands” to enjoy an early Halo 5 Campaign experience. I know you had just gone gold with the discs, but if you could work that in I am sure that everyone will see that simple act as a kindness! p.s i got an itch and Halo 5 is the fix.

lol good luck with that.

i bought the console and the collectors too, but man really?! that’s just selfish, wait like every one else!

Good for you. I, as a disciplined consumer, appreciate people like you further encouraging these major companies to further inflate their product. Good Job Thumb Up

OP is beyond cringe.

Definitely not. We shouldn’t get early access because we paid more. That’s not fair.