Console Based vs GT Based Redemption Codes

Greetings all,

I reviewed a few threads concerning the issue surrounding certain codes being tied into the GT’s versus console based. I purchased an LE copy, and have only tried the following so far (with noted results).

  1. Avatar Prop- GT based
  2. Forward Unto Dawn Special Edition - Console Based, all unique GT’s can access.

I’m a bit concerned that entering other codes going forward could limit maps, armour, etc. for other players on our console.

If anyone has updates as to what is unique to GT’s versus an individual console, that would be great.

I’m late to the party, but hey, at least I got a lot of reading done on the Forums yesterday !


Everything you download (with the exception of avatar clothes) are both console and gamertag based; You can see the “usage rights”.

Basically what it says is: You get two licenses, one for the original xbox you downloaded it at (Or another xbox, if you change, and do a license change, limited to one a year), and one for your gamertag; therefore, if you are at another console, you can use, as long as you are online…

Your’e wrong post number 2.

For all previous games your dlc has been for all gamertages on the console.

For halo 4 for some stupid reason it is only for one of them.

I always play splitscreen with my bro, so I hope they change this.

I am not buying map packs twice!

That’s precisely my concern. If I enter codes now for map packs, armour, etc. do I risk not making those available to other GT’s on my console.

I think there needs to be clarification on this from someone or a patch applied to “convert” those items to a console based format (for primary GT’s, not neccesarily ‘Guest’ accounts).

In the interim, I shall wait and see…

Thanks for the reponses.