Console/ Account Temporary Banned from earning credits.

Today I was just playing matchmaking on assault on hermmarohage or w/e its called. My gamertag is XxExCalibreXx96 and my team was facing the other team of a clan of somewhat. They have all vechiles, weapons and our team pretty much quit except for me and 3 other guys. They kept killing us over and over. Everytime we spawn we get killed in less than 3 seconds. They just sat there waiting for us to spawn then run us over or snipe us. 4 minutes till the end I recieved a messege saying my account was temporarly banned from earning credits. Then almost at the very end I got a messege saying the console was banned? I have no clue of what is going on. Plus more importantly how long is a temporary ban?

Re-post here, and you may eventually get the answers you seek. Also, I would save the video of the match were I you.

I find it hilarious that people constantly miss the proper thread by mere inches. I don’t mean to insult, it’s just really funny.