Consistent weapon variety on maps.

I am of the opinion that every single “primary” weapon should spawn on every map. And should be capable of being located somewhere close to team spawn points.

Halo has only ever really gotten this right in CE. Come Halo 2, plenty of “primary” weapons started either being completely absent from maps, or would be slapped somewhere near mid where you have to stick your neck in danger just to get it (Carbines on Sanctuary for example).

I don’t think this is good design. For plenty of players the meta spawn weapon is enough, but there are many others who feel more comfortable with something else in their hands. Whether it’s the BR vs the Carbine, the DMR vs the Needle Rifle, or the AR v PR v Spiker v SMG depending on the game.

I think it’s important that players have access to the non-loadout primary weapons as often as possible.

I prefer the Carbine in Halo 3, and you know what? It can suck. Most maps don’t have it, and the ones that do it’s more hassle than it’s worth to find one and pick it up. I really want to see what the Pulse Carbine is all about, there’s a solid chance it will become my new favorite Halo weapon of all time. But if I do love it, and find I can’t use it as my primary weapon due to poor map placement, I’m going to get less enjoyment out of the game. For others that may be the new Commando Rifle, the AR, or the Sidekick. If a weapon could be considered a primary, let us access it easily.