Considering buying Halo 2?

I’m considering picking this game up for a mere 20 bucks new on Amazon. This is the one game in the Halo series I do not own, and the one game I skipped over. I’m eager to play it, but I’m not so sure, as of right now.

I have a slim Xbox 360 console with a 250 GB hard drive. Can I emulate Halo 2? Can I play it with an Xbox 360 controller? Is this game still worth picking up?

Any and all responses and/or reviews are appreciated. Thanks Waypoint.

If you’re getting the Xbox version, then yes you can play it on your 360 Slim with your Xbox 360 controller. Only two buttons are mapped differently from the original Xbox controller, but you’ll eventually get used to that. On the PC version, you can use a wired Xbox 360 controller and still play it like you do if it were on the console version. All in all, it’s definitely worth picking up. Mainly on the campaign side since the Xbox version of the multiplayer is no longer up. But you can play it locally with friends, and possibly set it up where you can play it online with other people by using XBC. To me it’s the best one out of the series because of the story and multiplayer, and I recommend to not miss out on it! :slight_smile: