Consider adding an endless Firefight playlist

The current selection of playlists are great for players looking for a quick way to earn some XP and complete challenges. However, they are missing an important aspect of the Firefight experience that seems to have been forgotten – how long can you survive?

I’m sure many of you look back at Bungie’s vidmaster challenges very fondly, myself included. Those memories in particular stick out to me a lot. It would be cool to be able to matchmake with some randoms and see how long you can hold out.

Understandably, I can see a few issues surrounding this:

  • AFK players. Not very detrimental in shorter matches, but in an endless match? Could be really annoying.

  • Lasting TOO long. Eventually someone has to quit out due to obligations, and if they do quit, do they lose those hours of gained xp? Would they get a ban? Wouldn’t seem very fair.

What do you guys think? Do you want this added? What other issues would arise? How would you solve them?

This most likely will never happen. Server resources aren’t meant to be allocated indefinitely. Every kind of game mode in matchmaking is limited to a time limit, if you want unlimited you are more than free to gather your own squad in customs.