Connectivity possibly?

Ok so for some reason only in games I have my team decimated and people actually kill me as much as I kill their team in swat my game is incapable of loading the stats. No I am not a God that always wins, but any time I feel as if what they are doing isn’t possible I do not load the end game stats. Any ideas as to if it is most likely a connection issue or is that stupid gamer voice in my mind actually right and they are cheating?

I’m not shure what is causing your stats to disappear but you can also see them on waypoint. Go to your profile; select your game history and you can view your stats from previous games.

Whaddya mean by “cheating”? Like people modding H5 or something?

The “cheating” I honestly don’t understand is when I die on the other side of a wall from someone shooting me or the one hit melee kill me from full shields after I just hit them and they just lose their shields (that one happens a lot actually) or the being shot before coming out from around corners. I wanna say I am just a little behind is what causes the ones with corners and walls but in a snipers match they hit me in the face once and I die? Or in the same match I hit a guy in the back and he turns around and punches me once for a kill.

Some times lagging will make you appear in 2 different locations. So when you get shot at from behind cover the servers are showing you ahead from where you are. Some times the distance can be quite large between locations.

Its very noticeable in theater cause it will show you in both location constantly switching.