Connectivity Issues

I’ve been trying to play coop campaign now with a mate since release but every time i do i get horrendous amounts of lag and delay which makes it un-playable, its the same with spartan ops as well but war games runs perfect. My NAT type is open and i have good bandwidth so how do i fix this?


Have you tried installing the game to your HDD? Im not 100% sure this will work, but its worth a try.

Yeh it’s already installed on to it. Just whenever we try it its the worst lag and delay but on war games its fine.

Campaign and Spartan Ops use a different network type compared to War Games, it’s bassically the same as in Reach. All players in the game need to have good connection for a lag free match or live close to eachother. It’s because all the stuff you as a player do jump, shot etc has to be sent to the host and host later on sends that data to the other players so all the stuff going on happens at the same time for all players in the match.
So if players have bad upload then it will take longer to send out that data to the host resulting in insane lag and if the host is bad then it will lag some more.

So is there nothing i can do to fix it because it was fine in reach and my connection is fine?