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Hello people!

I was wondering if 343 decided to pack halo 5 in? I’m, searching on focused and I get Mexican/Brazilian players in my team or the other team. All I got to say is if you are from Europe you have very low chance of beating those players. 343 IS AN ABSOLUTE JOKE NOT A STUDIO BRING BUNGIE BACK PLEASE. 343 is struggling with light switches let alone creating a new game. How do I stop third world country players connecting with me?

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Third world is a pejorative term and I’d advise you not to use it. Some of my best Halo friends are from Mexico.

Personally I always search on Expanded (I’m in the UK) and I’ve had no problems.

However: this is nothing to do with 343 and suggesting otherwise is unhelpful. Halo 5, especially some of the smaller playlists, unfortunately just doesn’t have a large enough population.