Connection to servers... Xbox

Can anyone help or any ideas?

For the last 2/3 days when I load hw2 up it will not connect to the servers I’ve restated the Xbox and the game ect and stil no connection all my other games work fine online, I bought the DE edition before the game was released it’s worked fine up till now,

the only thing hong I have noticed is that I can try all day and night long to connnect and nothing happens but for the past 3 days when I load the game up after around 9pm uk time it connects and works no issues?? Any help would be great as it be nice to play this game online with friends when I’d like to play not just late at night ha!

is it actual connection to the servers or the game?

It’s to there servers… wiredley it will connect and let me play after 9pm uk time???

Come on 343 sort this out!!!

343 can you help with this or rather will you do anything to sort this? Will there be a patch to sort this? I’m still having the same issue I still cannot play the game I paid for, ive been on the Xbox support forum and no help there also after speaking to them they say they can’t do anything to sort the problem it’s down to the game makers… so what do I need to do to be able to play a game I’ve paid for? This is beyond a joke

7gb update for Xbox and I still can’t play…

a reply from 343 would be nice on the subject …

Hello 343??? Will you look at this I still cannot play your game I paid for!!