Connection Speeds: Upload vs. Download

Which is more important when it comes to online gaming (specifically Halo)? The reason I ask is because my parents just switched ISP’s from Verizon Fios to Comcast Xfinity. With Fios, our download was around 20 mbps down and 16 mbps up on a Wifi network. This has since changed to 21 mbps down and 4.5 mbps up on Wifi. I haven’t had the chance to test the wired connection yet (my 360 is hardwired).

Is this significant reduction in upload speed going to severely impact my gaming experience on Halo? Or is download speed the one that really matters?

EDIT: Just did a wired speed test. Download is about 25 mbps down and upload is still only 4.5. My dad said that his wired test with Fios has both up and down at 30 mbps.

They both mean different things
Download would mean you are downloading the info from other players (where they are and what they are doing)
Upload would be uploading what you are doing to them.

Honestly, a 4.5Mbps upload speed is more than enough for an optimal gaming experience. Normally, you’ll want a higher download speed than upload speed, since you’ll be downloading far more data than you’ll be uploading.

A fast upload with low Ping is always good when you’re the host, that way far away players should be able to get a somewhat playable Ping from you.

it doesnt matter, Xbox live throttles you connection when you are playing anyways.

dont believe me? do a speed test on your PC, get that number. then go onto your xbox and get internet exployer app, then do the same test using that app.

i did this, and it was crazy. i have 15MB DL and 3MB UL on my PC and the Xbox was like 2.4DL and 1.5UP.