Connection problems?

Is anyone else having issues with matchmaking right now? It’s just telling me "Loading information from Xbox Live’. A buddy of mine is having the same issue…Was planning on hitting Inheritor tonight, but looks like I’ll have to postpone that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same :confused:

Also having issues.

Yea I can’t search either.

Took a while to load but I got on after 2 mins. It’s slow and restarts searching for players on Score Attack too… :confused:

yea same here the only thing that loads reliably is anniversary

Yep I been having problems all week with connection. Anyone shed any light on why it’s not working properly? And when its gonna get fixed? Cheers

Same here, i’m having trouble for a few days now.

Yep same problem here.

Exact same problem here. Worked yesterday, but doesn’t work now. Halo 3 servers still seem to be working fine, so this must just be Reach.

It’s making me sad. :frowning:

Plllllzzzzz fixxxx

Ever sense the march update its been very laggy.

Idk what it is but its aggravating me a whole bunch, every time I finish a game it kicks me from the party I’m in, does anybody have any idea of what’s going on?


yeah same thing is happening to me and my friends I hope it fixes

I’ve been having this as well today.

Is there an official channel to submit this kind of feedback?

Same problem here. I’m thinking a ton of people decided to just stay home, smoke some stuff, and play video games today. It is overloading the servers. Darn you, stoners! Haha, jk. Hope it works soon, though.

Much of the same

Same, i just got my gold back to play halo reach, i go to play some MM, and its not working very well… Please Fix Soon!!!