Connection Problems

Ive never had any connection problems before but last night i started lagging out of mm and custom games for no reason. Initially it only happened when i first died but now it happens a couple of minutes into the game. It doesn’t happen on online coop. Its happened enough now to get me banned temporarily. My router and modem are fine, my NAT is open, and my laptop is getting full signal. Does anyone know whats wrong or how i can stop myself lagging out anymore?

What playlists were you searching in?

Try searching in more popular playlists with prefer good connection enabled and stay away from matchmaking campaign and firefight as both will pair you with geophraphically distant people with high latency resulting in an unplayable mess much of the time because of the different hosting model used from competitive multiplayer.

You know this afternoon it’s taken 30 seconds just for my xbox live info to be checked when I choose a playlist in matchmaking. I started to wonder if the servers had gone down or something. It’s been very slow searching and I’ve been getting constant load failures. The games haven’t been overly laggy it’s just the startup information retrieval.