Connection Lost

Unable to connect to any mutiplayer gameplay…all that happens when i try to connect is an error message reading “coonnection lost” " you have been disconnected from the local network " " returning you to the main menu " …this started last night and is still happening right now…my internet is working fine as well seeing that i have multiple devices that can connect to my internet.


I tried a hard reset on my xbox and now i am able to join games. I did try that last night and it didn’t work so idk whether to give the hard reset the credit or not but i am able to join matchmaking now so all is well

Might of been the hard reset or just pure coincidence that they fixed it as you did the reset lol!

Xbox live at showed connection issues in europe and midwest usa when i looked it up. Don’t know if the issue has been fixed yet.

I’m having the same issue. For the last 2 days. How do you do a hard reset

I will be playing a game and it will boot me out with the lost connection error screen.