Connection Lost

The only reason I own an Xbox One is for the Halo series, I have a very small amount of time to play each week because of work and other commitments… And for the last 5 days now I have not been able to play a single game…

it it connects to the lobby, searches for a game, starts the dedicated server but never actually begins to load the game and then tells me the following
You have been disconnected from the local network.
Returning you to the Main Menu”

My connection to the local network is not lost… I can continue to speak to friends and be in parties…

This is is becoming a joke what is the point of paying for a subscription to Xbox Live if I can’t actually use it in game.

My NAT is open and my internet speed is the same as it has been when I could actually get into games…

I am located in Australia not that it should matter.

Is is this a problem that many people are facing? And is there a way I can actually play this game?

I’m having the same issue! I get back from School or work and my connection after a few games says your console has lost connection to the Local Network when I can still talk to friends in Party Chat! Please someone tell them to fix this please!!!