Connection issues

Is anyone else having multiplayer connection issues. I can not join a game to save my soul at this point. Issues just started to happen this evening havent had any issues the 600 game before today.

Some additional info: seems like it might just be big team. Seems odd no?


my friend and I get loaded into empty games, we also had to queue for games 3-4 times before it goes through


I’m also having the same problem, mostly with BTB. Just seems to instantly bug out. Also getting in after about 3-4 attempts.


Another one struggling here…

343 pull ya finger out!


Glad it’s not just mee i experienced the same issues as all of you described.


as of 2:05pm est we are still having issues with empty servers and constant failed connections

and now I have been banned after several attempts of loading into multiplayer


Just had it happen to me in quick play. I don’t understand. I’m gonna submit a ticket

Same. I cannot join BTB to save my life. I’ve gotten so many connection error messages but I can load into all the other multiplayer modes. Sometimes restarting the game/my Xbox helps me get into one BTB game, but then the problem crops up again.

They are aware of the issues
Check the update just posted a bit ago

Same and when I do get in I’m a full half sec delay behind the enemies. They already know what I’m doing before I react. This has been happening to me since launch. Have hours of recorded video showing this if anyone wants to see whats wrong. Its completely unfair the disadvantage of someone with bad ping or server

I couldn’t imagine where I would be at in ranked if it was level playing field. About to be diamond 1

I have noticed some games I am connecting to a sever way to far away

The footage I have would blow people’s mind of how bad the delay is. It truly is unfair and why I’ve stayed away from ranked since I’ve been half sec behind my opponents cause I don’t want to get mad playing a video game haha.

Been enjoying the other modes even tho it’s the same thing just cause I like to play the game, no pressure. I guarantee people playing how I’ve been would be happy with what they got rn. Lol

Same thing here. It’s parody at this point

For me, I’ve had severe connection issues since Friday (12/10). BTB is actually the only mode where I can occasionally play a game. QP and Ranked I just get either lose the connection prior to a game loading or get an infinite loading screen. Restarting the game doesn’t change anything. Going on 4 days now.
edit: BTB too now. Occasionally, getting QP. Officially giving up on the weekly challenge again. sigh
Client: PC
Region: NA (TX, USA specifically)

Same probelm here. Nearly impossible to get into a game. Lobby just breaks.

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Literally cannot play the game right now. Constant freezes, constant crashes when trying to matchmake. I’ve been banned for the game crashing. I don’t even know how long I am banned for either!

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