Connection Issues?

I recently replaced my home network with a more robust wired one, and when I did I specifically set the NAT to “Open” (my father had it set to “moderate” before) and did everything I could think of to improve the connection for Live. The result has been bittersweet… My connection is much faster and more stable, but I’m having some trouble with Reach.

My rank in the lobby is set to private and the colors/display model for my spartan are set to the default. I press start and go to the armory and everything is as it should be there. I then access my service record and it loads up fine. Same with commendations. However, the menu option for “challenges” is grayed out, and highlighting it produces a message saying that challenges are currently unavailable.

The first day with the new network (happens to also have been right after the November update) this didn’t happen until after about an hour or so of playing. Yesterday it was like this from the moment Reach was booted up.

Have I missed something in setting up my network that could be blocking these specific features? (I can play online just fine) Is anyone else having these problems? What can I do?

send a pm to an admin.
thats the best i can say.

when this happens it is usually a server issue.

My friend I have the same problem.

The best things you can do. Is Power Cycle your Router/Modem (Turn off for about 10 to 15 sec and Power it up again)

Xbox Live is fine right? I’m guessing. If you can play online. Play a few games. Your Game History Connections have been reset. So you’ll need to get those back up to speed.

You can alternatively play Customs with a friend online. Aslong as THEY are lobby leader. Play a few there. The Connections will boot up again. And Should be good.

Send me a FriendRequest (Gamertag is my Profile Name)

Otherwise. I’d go with PM’ing an Admin

I tried powercycling my network equipment first, and yes LIVE is fine. I’m constantly in parties and can play online just fine. I guess I’ll just have to keep playing and hope that whatever connections aren’t set up right get reset. Thanks for the advice, and if it doesn’t work I’ll PM an admin.