Connection Issues


I have a rather unique situation that I would like some input on. My wife and I each have an Xbox One plugged into the same network, and we have been playing Halo 5 together since launch. It seems that ever since the BOSL update we can’t play at the same time anymore (not saying that is the cause but it was after that that the issues began). If we join up with friends or just enter a game as a two person fireteam one of us is instantly kicked from the game with the message that the console lost connection to the server. Trying to just play on our own at the same time has the same result.

I have checked the network settings on both Xbox Ones and both our NAT types are open, and all of the connection tests are green. In addition, we can play any other games together such as Dead Rising and Titanfall without any connection issues like this. I read something that suggested and issue with UPNP settings and the Instant On setting, but we both have Instant On disabled and do not have any issues. I have a Comcast 50mbs Blast internet package with all of the correct ports open for online gaming.

One weird caveat is that we were recently housesitting at a house that also uses Comcast for internet (not sure of more details than that) and everything seemed to work fine the few times we played together. This would lead me to believe that it is something about my network, but it is also only occurring with Halo 5.

If anyone has any suggestions on anything I can try or what exactly I could say to Comcast if I called them that would be helpful, because all signs point to Halo as the issue except for that fact that it appeared to work fine on another network (although that was only about 3 use cases).

I’m not complaining or anything, I just want to figure out how to fix this so my wife and I can get back to our Halo nights :frowning: We bought another Xbox for this and it was super exciting and then it just stopped working :frowning:

Thanks for reading,

Bob Loblaw AAL

I’ve gotten similar issues at the same time also. It even seems to have spread to other games and apps too making me think it’s more than just a Halo 5 problem.
Post network specifics in the “Same household Disconnects” thread at the top of this forum. Network hardware, ISP, Wired/Wireless, other info that may help them diagnose the problem. The router that the thread specifies might not apply to you, but try it anyways and post info there. If 343 plans on going anywhere with this issue, they need to find a common ground first.

Ah, did not realize there was a dedicated forum for that. I will do that, thanks for the info.