Connection issues with 2+ on the same network

I’ve been having issues with connectivity when both my wife and I try and play in the same match after about 2-3 successful matches. We get the error “Unable to Join.” and “Disconnected from Local Area Network.” It’s especially challenging since our friends are still placed in the game and the teams get filled without us, even though it happens when the game appears to have completed it’s matchmaking.

I use a Netgear R7000, and have UPnP enabled. I have no issues with any other games when playing simultaneously with my wife. It doesn’t even happen during the co-op campaign either. Our party chat stays on during these bugs so I know it’s not me actually losing LAN connection. I’m not a brilliant networking person, so my troubleshooting on it doesn’t amount to much meaningful data. We both have open NATs so that’s the other puzzling thing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Since we can’t split screen, and we love the game, this is a huge problem.

Did you try putting the Xbox in a DMZ and disabling UPnP? Ensure you power off (unplug the Xbox from the wall) after you’ve made the changes. Unplugging the Xbox is really the only way to do a hard reboot.

Setting up a DMZ for one of the consoles causes the other consoles NAT to be strict and incapable of matchmaking with us as a group entirely.

Having the same issue, any resolve?