Connection Issue

Mid match the game tries connecting to the main server (not the game pvp server) and literally duplicates the connection all around 1kb/s each over 100-200 instances at the same time and overloads the connection. It causes the game to drop, (get banned in the process) and also drop any voice chat as well. This has been happening to several players that i play with regularly, eventually once they hit the 3 hr ban they stop playing for the day, it originally didnt happen to me until yesterday and there is nothing that i can do to fix it. Before anyone says its my connection, it was fine before, and literally any other game i play (including infinite) plays fine.

I viewed the connection with netlimiter to see what IP is causing the issue and its only mcc’s main servers on port 443 that loads the playlists\stats\challenges that cause this weird connection bug, but the regular game match servers are fine. I tried different dns servers, and even a vpn to see if i could get it to work but no luck.

I hope anyone else that is encountering a bug like this to please report it here on waypoint to get it fixed as there are some other issues as well (like the fatal error crash) that have been happening for awhile with no fix, meanwhile all their focus has been on Infinite.