Connection Issue - Banned?

So last night, I experienced a very strange series of events that maybe somebody experienced or maybe that someone can explain:

At around 8:20 PM CST, I loaded up a game of SWATNUM on Pegasus. Everything was going fine to start. I was 3/3/1 and getting into a rhythm, that is until I was kicked out of the game and Xbox Live completely. Ok fine, that was probably my fault. I haven’t lagged out of a game yet as my connection is stellar, but things happen.
So I get signed in and loaded up into Halo 5 again, and I noticed my emblem had been changed/reset. After a few moments it reloaded mine and, content, I started searching for another game of SWAT. It finds a game, starts to load up, but kicks me before we can deploy, citing that it was an Connection Issue on my end most likely. This time I was confused. I haven’t had this issue before.

I load up SWAT matchmaking one last time after closing Halo 5 and reopening it. This time the same process happens. It starts to load/deploy, but I get kicked and it says “The Banhammer Strikes” or something close to that, with a time of 0037 beside it, if I read it correctly. Stunned, I close the message. Immediately after that I get another pop-up message stating that there may be an issue with the Dedicated Servers.

So I close Halo 5 for the night and come back this morning at 7:50 AM CST just run a test game to see if I’m banned or whatever else. The game loads, I’m not banned, but it does lag at multiple points in my game of SWAT. Checking my Waypoint page, it shows 2 DNFs and my most recent game. The first DNF is the one I got kicked from mid-game and the other is one I didn’t even play due to my “Connection Issue”.

All that said, is there some explanation? Am I alone here?

Oh my God! I have the same -Yoinking!- issue! It happened three times in a row and I’m getting worried that it’ll negatively affect my reputation. I’m pissed, actually. If any 343 devs. read this, fix that -Yoink-. I’m not talking about the connection issues, I’m talking about the ban!

Happened to me for the second time right now. I love being banned even after I finish a game and I get a connection lost error. Great job 343I. Just amazing.
I love not being able to play the games cause of poor development.