Connection Is BAd Sometimes?


I am from Australia and I like to play halo. I find it is really fun.
But sometimes I play games where i have an error message pop up saying “unstable packet loss” even though my ping is 22ms.

The only server in Australia is in Melb which isn’t too far from where I live, but sometimes I shall see Ping of up to 220-280ms. Is there a way to localise my search to this region? Or can i geo filter to a avoid being placed on other countries servers? Kinda like what they had in Halo 5, MCC etc?
I cant seem to find it in the menu.
Thank you.

The short answer is no. You guys down under are just screwed. Sorry to tell you but you’ll always have high ping unfortunately since there is no server selector and 343i has thus far refused to implement one.

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Wow this sucks.
We may need to play other games then and let the Americans have their fun with the halo Franchise.
That priority one thing, the stress of the 343i employee, seems to fall apart when it comes to maintaining the fan base/ player base.

Sad times indeed.

Yeah surprisingly we don’t have it much better here. I get games with 150+ ping all the time. But even at 20 ping the game plays horrible most of the time. Even with fiber optic internet.

Not only is there no server select, but the system has no problem throwing you into a high ping server without even waiting a reasonable amount of time to find local players. I typically wait about 20-30 seconds to find a match in Taiwan, but it is ALWAYS US servers

I watch my router when logging into the game. As soon as I search it automatically directs me to Server ID: and upon some googling, that seems to be the central US server. It does this before a match is found, literally upon searching.

It seems every match made connection goes through that first, before the lobby is filled and then the match is placed on a server with whom the majority of players in the match share local.

Lol let the americans have fun? The game is terrible over here too

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Can’t be 280ms worth of fun almost every game surely lol my mates in Ausyralia all no longer ay Halo Infinite based on horrie ping every game

I live in Regional QLD and more often then not get 200+ Ping… I’ve got Fibre to the Premises 100mb/s… and I just don’t seem to get Aussie/Asian Servers… especially an issue when playing Onyx Ranked. The connection just drives me crazy and I’ve just stopped playing until they add server selection.

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Over here from Sydney. When I’m playing by myself I get like 9ms, 40ms to around 90ms which is 50/50, but when I play Halo with my Buddies over in America 100% guaranteed 200ms which is pretty bad