Connection is an absolute embarrassment

I don’t even know where to start. I stopped playing this game when Elden Ring came out (played it exclusively until Season 2 dropped) but I thought I’d give Halo Infinite another chance. The reason I stopped playing was because I really only wanted to play Ranked but would be put in 150 - 450 ping lobbies, which made it impossible to enjoy. Thought I’d try Season 2 with a more “have fun” mindset, i.e., not play Ranked.

The only games I can consistently get low, acceptable ping is Bot Bootcamp. Is this some kind of sick joke? Tactical Slayer? Forget about even playing that mode because I’m immediately dead in every fight. I’m getting killed around corners constantly in every game mode. In my last game, I back-smacked someone and we traded because they somehow ninja’d me.

I mentioned this in an old post, but I just don’t understand why I can be immediately inserted into a 250 ping lobby (no wait time). In terms of visibility, there is no knowing of what ping lobbies are being searched. Maybe it’s because they know I’d cancel the game search every time it got past 90 ping, meaning I’d never enter a match (unless it’s Bot Bootcamp).

I’m from Australia and I can hear people with American and/or UK accents. Still no region selector? Absurd.

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  • First game of the new week
  • 200 ping game
  • Welp, I’m not playing this anymore, back to MCC
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This game is totally stuffed. Totally stuffed.!

  1. No ranked slayer playlist
  2. Solo/duo controller. When I finally find a match, nothing under 200ms! It’s unplayable. Even in other playlists showing 30ms, you can see the lag. I’ll try open and see how that goes.

Along with the no collision, FTP, challenges, store , etc, etc, this game is ruined.

I don’t know how much longer I’ll stay with this game. It definitely will not see any of my money.

It’s very disappointing.

What a joke. I get banned for leaving Quick Play matches because the connection is unbearable and unplayable. Truly sickening that you punish casual players for something that you refuse to address. Good luck with your franchise.

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The servers are indeed embarrassingly bad. For all that Microsoft Azure glory, it sure makes for a mediocre-at-best gameplay experience…