Connecting in 250 ms servers instead of 50 ms servers. Atleast give us a server select

Been playing since the flights and it was understandable during that time. But now? I’m supposed to be put in Singapore servers where I’ll usually get 40-50 ms ping. (I know this for a fact since I did rarely get a few games on the correct servers with good ping).
But the game keeps putting me in 250 ms servers. I tried so many times today and ONLY got 250 ms ping.

For the love of god, give us a server select.


I agree. The game can be very latency sensitive, and being able to select server regions manually would mitigate this.


they only care about north america
they are oblivious to it because NA has all the needs met
it won’t be fixed
dead game in alot of countries because of this


I do agree/ if we are able to server select or region select to keep our ping under 200-180ms it would be good in South Africa we need to connect to Europe or alternatively servers in South Africa which are nice but we cannot play at a ping higher than this I have had servers of 350ping and this is unplayable at best

We need to be able to filter out servers that are not in our region just like we could in the MCC. Being forced to connect to a server that’s so far away and dealing with server lag is so frustrating.
Hits not registering.
Shot around corners.
A stray bullet melts your shields.
Enemy shields pop and they don’t die after being shot.

343 need to improve the way we connect to servers.