Congratulations to the clan:Apocalypse Gaming

And congratulations to their leader AG Dominator DL, he revived this clan after its crash a year ago. They had over 100 members on reach. Unfortunately the clan shut down because of higher officers slacking and lack of motivation from slightly less high officers.
AG Dominator DL is reviving Apocalypse Gaming and it will soon be back and better than ever. AG Dominator DL said they might do some sort of giveaway when they get more recruits, these giveaways could be Spec codes, ms points, or xbl cards.
AG Dominator DL authorized me to put this on here. So if you guys want to join just send AG Dominator DL a message on xbox live and he will get back to you as soon as possible.
Current Vacant positions:
(1) Warchief
(1) Commander
(2) Lieutenants
(3) Sergeants
(???) Corporals
(???) Privates
And as the clan grows more vacant spots open up, this is just the beginning.
Also, AG merchandise could be available with a growing community.
Anyway to wrap this up, AG, a fun mature gaming community. Mic is required.

I copied and pasted this from gamefaqs, thats why it’s not talking from my perspective.