Congratulations on boxing out Mint Blitz, 343

It seems like even though your player count is slipping, you thought it was a good idea to make Skill Based Matchmaking even more strict. Why does this game have to be nothing but competitive?

You guys sure do love shootng yourselves in the foot don’t you?


The guy smurfs his lobbies. He’s part of his own problem.

With SBMM being as strict as it is, a player that good would never get kill streaks the way he does in all of his videos. He manipulates his games to get easy lobbies and moans he can’t get games because there aren’t enough players for him to rinse.

He needs to just go and cry about it.


He goes on stream and searches for hours on end for a game. Smurfing is a moot point if that is the result of him playing the game.


Yup, that’s what I thought the whole time. His opponents aren’t even shooting back…


Both you guys are missing the point. If it takes a player even just 10 minutes to find a match, there is something wrong with the system. If it takes an hour, the system is completely broken.

Smurfing has nothing to do with it.


That’s what he wants you to see.

What about when he is not streaming? Do you see any of the pros playing in the HCS getting the same kill streaks he does? Nope. Because he only plays BTB with super easy lobbies.


Ok??? What does any of that have to do with a broken matchmaking system?


I told you in my first reply.

He manipulates his lobbies so much that his MMR (matchmaking rank) is so messed up the game will struggle to find players it deems as appropriate to match against him.

Couple that with Infinite’s dwindling player count and he’s going to find it near impossible to find games because his MMR will be too out of sync for the game to search for relatively skilled players in the search pool.

Also, I know you’re using the Missed The Point reaction as a make shift dislike button, but all you’re doing is increasing my post like count… :joy:


Is this actually true? Mint Blitz so far is the only person to claim this AFAIK.

No. They don’t have any proof. It’s BS.

I don’t know what it is about Mint that makes them so pissy but they’re gonna have to get over it.

You can not be a fan of him and still refrain from throwing allegations.


Dude the SBMM has been a problem since day 1 on this game. The most recent update made it even tighter. Youre using one person you dont like to justify 343 crappy management of this game. What does that say about you?

Also you think post likes on a comment you put on a forum matter?


It says more about you that you’re defending some random guy on the internet that he can’t play his game. I’m telling you how things are. He’s boosting his lobbies to appear good at the game.

The SBMM being so strict is in part why he can’t find games.

He’s cheating the system for easy lobbies and the broken SBMM can’t figure out what to do. It’s really not that hard to grasp and I can’t make myself any clearer.


I’m not defending him, im redirecting the conversation towards the point of this post. It says more about you that youre so adamant to dismiss a legitimate issue with this game just so you can get your rocks off dumping on mint blitz. I dont care if you dont like him. I’m just relaying the video he made about the state of this game. BECAUSE THIS GAME KEEPS GETTING WORSE


Even after all this time playing Infinite, reading threads and posts and multiple articles, I still don’t have a complete grasp on how this matchmaking works. All I know is win more than you lose.


So then you agree with the sentiment and have revealed that the only reason youre arguing with me right now is because you dont like Mint Blitz. Congratulations on exposing yourself.

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It’s 343’s favorite past-time.
Halo 4
Halo 5
And now this.
Strange how they have three feet.


Who? Am I suppose to know who this person is?

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No, because 343 does

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Not really.

Context is he’s a streamer in Australia having a hard time matching people because his location and/or 343’s backend blunders.

I’m pretty sure Mint said that he now can’t play with his friends at all in BTB which was the only playlist that he was able to play with his friends.

I assume that their MMR is much lower than Mints

Boosting or not - well impressed by his crazy jumps and explosions.