Congratulations 343. Halo Infinite is great. But I have one wish!

Could the games be shorter? May 6-8 minutes max? Or reduce the objective?

The games are just too long and tiring IMHO :slight_smile: I prefer to play 20 short games to 10 long …

CTF: cap 3 flags
Stronghold: 150 seconds
Oddball: 50 seconds
Slayer: same

Other small wishes:

Please not 3 against 4 matches in objective games …

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This is an argument that is even used in sports, where people discuss ways to shorten matches because they believe the average attention span is that of goldfish so they need to chop stuff down.

Shorter matches would just result in games being more snowbally and/or less climatic. 50 seconds for an Oddball match for example could just be one good setup, so it would hurt that mode competitively speaking.

The length of these matches is perfectly fine, and most matches outside of CTF tend to take around your 6-8 mark for me anyway, or at tops 15mins. It’s better than what MOBAs have to deal with, what with a 30-40min match on average.

The length of the matches is made so that there is room for combat and comeback. If you were to cut CTF for example down to 6-8 minutes from 12, then the win condition would also be shortened to 1 flag or 2 at most instead of 3.

You will spend, on average, about 3-4 minutes fighting over the flags to cap them. Just about as much time will be spent trying to push into flag zones to take them. You will spend about 2-3 minutes running around and shooting to try and assist your team with cover fire.

Those are average matches. Some games see it down to the very last second where someone caps the winning flag just before overtime would kick in.

(based on my experience by the way, not experiences as a whole)

Personally I think the times are fine.