Confused - FOTUS Armor - Advanced Promo REQ Pack?

1st off, I’m not trying to make a duplicate thread of any kind, I just recently installed my game, and am in the process of redeeming my codes, (I actually kinda have a few codes to go but woud like o confirm these 1st, I have each edition except standard; Halo 5 console bundle, Limited Collector’s, Collector’s due to to the disc exchange program being after I paid it full and so unclear) 1st of which being the FOTUS Armor and Multiplayer Emblem, except on the Xbox One it reads as Advanced Promotional REQ Pack. Can someone please explain this to me? Like, is there a specific place in the game to find it upon redeeming? I’m just rather confused here because I don’t want to end up redeeming something and come to find out it’s the wrong item or something. If anyone has an helpful info, please leave a reply back. Thanks!

UPDATE: Booted the game up temporarily, redeeming items 1 at a time, and I think I got it figured out. So yeah, just disregard this, post if you like. Again, just know that my scenario here s that seeing that the redeemable item on the console didn’t seem to match the info on the card, so the whole REQ thing not detailing the matching info made me kinda nervous, but it seems everything is as it should be within game so far.