Confused and a little disappointed.

First off i just want to throw out there that i love Halo 4 and i have been having a blast playing it both as a highly competitive player and an occasionally casual player.

That being said i’m confused as to the thought process you guys have towards matchmaking right now. For example it’s my understanding that each week a new playlist will come out as part of a rotational cycle you guys have implemented and if a playlist becomes popular enough (i.e. swat) then it will stay. Following this same logic why is it that team snipers a playlist that had a higher population than regicide, koth, oddball, ctf, flood, and dominion was taken out? To me this just doesn’t make sense.

Another thing i’m curious about is why there are three objective playlists instead of just one team objective? And why instead of a FFA playlist with slayer koth, oddball, and the new regicide there is instead just regicide by itself, and now this weekly hopper with just regular koth and oddball. I mean to me if i’m a developer who’s picking up a game that has had 4 iterations of past multiplayer to go off of sure i’m going to add new things, but i’m not going to take away the core gametypes and playlists that have made these past titles shine.

Where is team doubles? I know you guys understand how fun and important co-op is or else you wouldn’t have had 4 player co-op campaign and spartan ops so why is the best co-op friendly playlist ever not in the game? You’ve talked about listening to the competitive community and i understand that we have slayer pro and that an MLG playlist as well as a true ranking system are on the way, but why do we not have one of the greatest team work requiring playlists in the game? I just don’t understand what the reasoning could be behind these decisions.

My next bit of confusion is relay, settler, and ascent. Ascent would be a great flood map, honestly nothing more than that, but it would be a great flood map. Moving on, settler is a pretty cool map once you give it a shot and could be great for flag, koth, or slayer. And last but not least relay. For god sakes please put this map into -Yoinking!- matchmaking it is to good of a map to be played only in customs. Put it in regicide, ctf, infinity slayer, and slayer pro. I have played countless 1 v 1’s, 2 game battles ffa tournaments, and a few ctf customs on this map and every bit of that was fun and enjoyable. Not to mention more maps = more variety and that’s what keeps players entertained and what makes them keep coming back for more.

Next up join in progress. I understand where your heart was i do, i’m fairly certain that 90% of the lag in halo 4 mm is from the constant come and go of players mid game. And i know from casual to competitive players nobody enjoys joining a game that’s more than 2 min in especially when your joining the losing team. After the game starts and initial spawn happens that should be it. Whatever happens happens if people quit that sucks but it happens. Maybe if there were a sever enough penalty for habitual quitters it wouldn’t be as big a problem. Either way JIP works for COD, but it’s honestly making me not want to play Halo and i hate saying that.

Overall you guys have made a great game and there are so many awesome settings, maps, and features that you guys are just not using and i don’t understand why. I’ll leave you with this final thought. Halo Reach was a bad game that overtime got great updates. Halo 4 is an amazing game that so far is getting some pretty bad updates. And yes i realize that this game has only been out a month, but after 4 games some of these issues just should not be a problem. Thank you for your time.