Confirmed more game modes for Dec. launch?

I haven’t seen this mentioned but I have noticed a lot of people saying that the game is not going to get more play mode options come launch time. My idle Xbox just told me that an elimination game type exists because it displayed a challenge for it. “Revive three teammates during an elimination game” it says. Hopefully this means Slayer, SWAT, and some others will be back too!

There are actually some gamemodes in the game right now they’ve just been arbitrarily locked away to make it seem like the events matter. Fiesta is an example.

SWAT isnt even a special gamemode its just Slayer with some player trait changes, you can make it in custom games right now and 343 could have it in matchmaking if they wanted to.

OP I noticed that same thing last week. I have a hunch that there are a couple more weapons, maps, and modes that are going to be there for Dec 8th, but it could just be me getting hopeful…