confirmed mission enviroments

Aboard infinity
possible beach/forest (in making of trailer)
Forward unto dawn
canyon at night with lava pools
forerunner tower controlled by covenant

dont forget that big open plain with the towers coming down from the sky shown in concept art

we haven’t seen gameplay of that so :confused:

I posted this in, there are 12 confirmed locations so far:

  • Dawn interior (opening mission)
  • Dawn crash site (second mission)
  • Infinity interior (E3 trailer)
  • Infinity exterior (E3 trailer)
  • Desert (screenshots of large battle)
  • Jungle (E3 demo)
  • Clifftops (Magic Behind Halo 4 trailer)
  • Rocky valleys (E3 trailer)
  • Forerunner spires (E3 trailer & MBH4)
  • Snowy canyon (MBH4)
  • Foggy marshland (E3 demo)
  • ‘Lava’ canyons and resovoirs (E3 trailer)

plus that beach/ forest part in the making of trailer. its the part when a jackals goes past the screen

We also saw a quick glimpse at the end of the E3 demo of a Banshee in a nighttime environment. I’m not sure if this is the Forerunner tower you mentioned.