Configure Background issue

Anyone else having configure backgrounds revert back to standard backgrounds after every update? Sometimes I have it reset the next time I use it.

Also something little more minor. When setting a background picture and press back instead of going back to background configuration it goes back the video setting page.

Any word on this being fix? Thanks :sunglasses::+1:


Yep, been an issue since the feature was added. I made a bug report back in September and no word. Would suggest you do the same if you are seeing the issue.


Been doing that since they added that feature, doubt it’ll get fixed anytime soon

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I submitted a ticket on the support and they suggest me to change game language, and then changing it again to your preferred one. Then try to change the background, save, close the game and reopen it.
Anyway, it doesn’t work for me, and they say that they have no idea how to solve it.


I just did the support ticket myself and had similar response.