Condense the playlists please

There is to much “variety” There are to many slayer playlists. Do we really need five slayer only playlists? Those of you that love slayer so much can you not be happy with a ranked slayer playlist and social playlist?

Revamp the voting system. As it stands now the majority of the time I see players voting for “the lesser of two evils”. Granted being able to vote for a map/gametype combinations is light years ahead of the H3 systems, where players vetoed and risked getting a worse choice.

Is it not possible to give us a system that allows us to choose a map and gametype and play that to our hearts content? BFBC2 does this. Why can’t halo?

I liked Halo 3’s system better because you actually got to play stuff besides slayer in big team battle or more than a camping map in living dead like in Halo Reach.

First, the voting: change it to mimic firefight. Same map in all three options, just different gametypes. Will keep people from voting for the same -Yoink- maps over and over (provided my ideas for changes are implemented :]… ).

The playlists, how about something like this (bold is a hopper, normal is a playlist)

“Arena” Slayer
“Arena” Doubles
“Arena” FFA
Team Snipers

Squad Slayer
Big Team Battle
Action Sack
Team Skirmish (slayer + objective, obj given better weighting)
Rumble Pit

DLC (only one map pack required, attempts to match you based on what you have and don’t have)
Premium Slayer
Premium Battle

Double Credit Weekend (mimics double xp weekend)
Living Dead
Team Classic
Community Slayer/BTB
Elite Skirmish

Firefight, whatever. I don’t particularly care about that, it’s a whole different crowd from the multiplayer stuff.

But there, 6 ranked playlists, 6 social playlists, 2 dedicated to DLC, a few options for weekend stuff. I put arena in quote marks because I think they should revamp the concept and drop the name for something else.