Concerns regarding MLG & Classic (TU related)

First things first: sprint.

Sprint makes you go about 130% speed around, but the 110% speed increase makes sprint faster. It does not seem to be part of what MLG intended for their settings. But, it was either that or no AAs, and AA pickups is what makes the gameplay unique. I hope this is looked into regarding the TU.

Secondly, gravity is also a concern. As most of you know, leaving gravity at 100% while jumping higher makes jumps feel floaty. The 150% gravity counteracts these physics, but it has an inverse effect. You see, when you fall back down, it is like having bricks tied to your feet. A separate option for gravity fall to be at 100% would keep movement feeling natural, and the way MLG intended it to feel.

To get more in-depth with gravity, there should also be more percentage options. Not only an option of 110% gravity while jumping up for MLG, but a 120% option for Classic.

Now, going into the issue with Classic, I would say the two important things that need to be examined is AR and frags.

The AR does the damage it’s supposed to, however, the accuracy it has at farther ranges makes it a little too overpowering. Take away the bloom (or keep it), but make the weapon be fired in a pulse like motion in order to be accurate at a greater distance.

The direct damage on frags is fine (moving faster balances out the effect of 1 direct frag=kill), but the splash damage seems to take out more shielding than usual. This means a bad grenade throw still does decent damage, and that makes the victim punished for it anyway. Reducing the amount of damage an indirect frag outputs would solve this issue, as well as make two nade starts possibly be more suitable.

I hope this thread gets looked over, and my concerns are accounted for. Thank you.