Concerns for the Future

mods: Please keep this in the matchmaking forum. You simply cannot post in the Halo 4 Forum with all the fuss going on. You post a response 1 min after the OP, and it ends up in the 5th page. Plus, the people who frequent this forum are much more enjoyable to talk to, even if I disagree with them.

Now, is anyone else extremely worried about the direction Multiplayer is going for Halo 4. I am cool with them tying in a story to it and all, and even adding new features. Despite my immense hatred towards AA’s, I am completely fine with them as pick-ups, as long as players spawn with the exact same abilities, weapons, and grenades.

With the recent Halo 4 news, the addition of Custom Loadouts is extremely disheartening to me. I can only hope now that the Custom Loadouts have as little as an effect as possible on gameplay. I am literally pacing around my room as I type.

I know it’s still pre-Alpha or what ever it is, but boasting a feature like this and then not following through is highly unlikely on the part of 343. I just don’t want Halo to turn into one player spawning with a BR, AL, and Spike Grenades, while another spawns with the Needler, Jetpack, and Fire Grenades.

Excuse me for my rant.

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