Concerns about the Tenrai event

I’m event level 3 but no more challenges are popping up? What do I do now? I couldn’t even get to level 5 for the armor? What is this? lol

Have you done all the event challenges? If you have some you’ll have to randomly do challenges until you are allowed to do the event one again

ohhhh I see, I have to clear up space in the list by doing BP challenges. I’m not sure I like that, I don’t know. This challenge only thing is killing my enjoyment of the game.


Welcome to the club brother, these challenges are killing the game quicker then Req packs


I haven’t played yet, but I read they’re charging 15 dollars for the belt?


You don’t even get the armour they advertised for the event

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so grind more and waste time is what you’re saying.

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Yeah, I think there’s a seven level limit per week of the event aswell from what I’m hearing

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If that’s true then you can’t even reach the end of the pass. 3x7 ≠ 30

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Event pass should have its own seperate challenge list…grouping them is BS

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Complete some of your regular challenges and you should get more event ones in your list to show up.

yeah, we will have weeks that come back to this, but only 7 TIERS PER WEEK, AND SEEING HOW THAT ONE WEEK COMES IN ABOUT 2 MONTHS. GETTING TO TIER 30 WILL TAKE FOREVER!!!

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Finished my 7 event challenges and can confirm I have completed my weekly challeges for the capstone and no new event ones have shown up, don’t see how we are going to get to tier 30 if it’s capped at 7 levels a week math don’t add up… edit* looks like they will be running the tenrai event for six weeks still think the event/battle pass progress needs alot of work

yeah, i did the same yesterday. we do need a better system for gaining EXP after your normal weekly challenges have been completed.

  1. There’s literally no way you hit 27 in the Tenrai event, they don’t give enough challenges for that.

  2. You can’t pay for the Tenrai event, it’s free whether you like it or not.

  3. It will be coming back 5 more times, you can miss a week with no issues.

P.S. This isn’t to say everything is ideal, I’d like to clear it all in one week, I’d like progression and challenges to be better in general

I’d also like Tenrai items in the store to be in the free pass, mostly because they aren’t good enough to justify being in the store.

But what you are talking about sounds like base progression issues and has very little to due with Tenrai itself.