Concerns about the Tenrai event

I’m at the gym rn, is the armor core at least free to earn or is the free stuff only able to be used on a paid core?

It is. But that’s it. Some pieces are in too but everything else is again in the shop…


So this ‘free’ event and armor core they’ve been touting about currently has $40 worth of unlocks in the store…

It’s insane how people defend this.


Ok, that’s not too bad. But they did perhaps tout the “free” aspect of this pass a bit too much.

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Anybody know where Fiesta is?

Is it just not up yet? All my challenges are to do Fiesta lol

Right above quick match. Restart the game.

so 2 challenges a week for timed event rest is grind?

Thanks, I restarted four times and it wasn’t showing up but now it has lmao

Rest is buying level ups in the shop.

You can buy the event levels? Tried once and ot only went to the regular battle pass seems tenrai only levels through challenges. Completed two tenrai challanges now I don’t see any available tried using some skips and it didn’t replace the challenges with tenrai ones…

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s working as intended. You’ll get some defender saying “Well, you shouldn’t have skipped them!”

Yeah which goes against what the ads said, meaning we just got bold face lied to.


No I completed the event ones I tried skipping normal ones to get more event ones and nada.

Yes, but the progression is artificially limited. You can only progress a maximum of 7 levels in the event pass each time it comes out.

You’re not supposed to complete it in one go… if you do, that defeats the point. The event will come back numerous times and each time you’ll be able to progress the event pass further. They made it long enough that you should have to play the event numerous times to get everything; it’s just like the annual events in Overwatch with special rewards; you’re not supposed to get them all in one go.

I was being sarcastic. I was saying “skipping event ones not giving another event ones is working as intended.”

OK sure, only leveled up three times and hit a brick wall in first week of event, 30 tiers btw…
edit* just completed a few normal challenges and got one event challenge. If your stuck do normal challenges to get them out of the way.

This event is awful and almost makes me wish the battlepass was all we had.

This legit makes me feel like it’s a job and it’s not fun. I’ve given up on playing after this bs. anything that has a limited timer immediately puts pressure on me and turns me off the product entirely.


Oh don’t worry, there’s much more in the store, including the helmet they heavily showed and advertised for the event

That’s awful, 343 said if someone misses the event pass they’ll have more chances, hence the weeks it’ll come back, not that if you complete the challenges tied-event they’ll have to wait until it comes back.
That’s how companies accommodates their players, doing it bunch of times until the player says “is because that’s how it supposed to work”,

Hate that on other games they make things that were not bonuses “exclusive”, just for the sake of limiting a digital thing. Pre order bonus or promotion codes i’m fine with, but i hope 343 doesn’t go even further.