Concerns about the Challenge System

Although this may not be as much of an issue once the seasons aren’t so long, I’d like to address the issue of challenges. Specifically, how they’re largely a waste of time after finishing the battle pass because, unlike in the MCC, XP can’t be “banked” and then used in the following season.
Since this is the case, I think it makes the most sense to make the challenge rewards “bankable” for future passes and/or applicable to the upcoming progression system allowing for further earnable rewards beyond completion of the battle pass or a specific event.

The weeklies are meant to be the continued incentive, but for that to be work they need to be things I actually want to grind for.

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Certainly. I agree. I just wish the individual challenges yielded something worth completing for once you’ve finished the pass. Sorta like Rocket League does. It offers items/xp for an overall progression system plus a seasonal reward for completing enough seasonal challenges.

The weekly needs to a discount voucher for the shop.

eg. 15% off your next purchase.

That way they are not relying on the current system where the reward may not be attractive to everyone.