Concerning Weapons

I think we need two modes One mode you would start each level with pre-set weapons the other mode you start with the weapons you had at the end of the last level

Keeping the weapons you had from the previous level should be a given provided there isn’t any significant passage of time between levels. That is something I liked about OG Halo 2 is that for the most part you kept your weapons both in-game and in cut scenes. Otherwise if you just start a random mission out of sequence then you should be given what the designers intended. So unless there is a gap between levels where you realistically would have had time to rearm then you keep what you had at the end of the last level.

It would be better for game/level designers to know exactly what you are starting with.

Are you talking multiplayer, or campaign, because if you’re talking multiplayer, umm… how bout no.

But if you’re talking about campaign (and I think you probably are), I wouldn’t mind bringing weapons to and from missions in some situations, like if there were missions where it made sense to have the same weapons as before, go for it. like in Halo 3, from The Storm to Floodgate, it makes sense to bring weapons from one mission to the next (cant remember if you did do that) however, i do still feel like you should get preset loadouts for missions where there were significant passages of time.