Concerning solo players on Spartan Ops.

I have been playing Spartan Ops a lot by myself and it’s really getting frustrating on the amount of times I am dying and getting overwhelmed by swarms of enemies. I would play Co-op, but like every other Halo game known to man, online co-op has slow frame rate and lags for me, which is why I have always gone solo in Halo. But this has been down right frustrating. Spartan Ops was pretty much made for co-op, thus why there are swarms of enemies dropping down that a solo person would find insanely impossible to defeat.

Yes I eventually do kill them all but after multiple deaths and frustration. Is there any possible way that 343i could make Spartan Ops a bit easier for people going solo? Could they make it so that the game could tell that there is only one person in the game and they can tone down the amount of enemies? Because having 6 Elite Generals with Fuel Rod Cannons, Banshees, Hunters, Grunts with Plasma Grenades/Fuel Rod Cannons, and Wraiths shooting at me all at once is simply impossible for a single person to withstand!

Bumped, due to being piled on by hate threads.

At last, another soul that shares my pain. I was thinking about this the other day, but the only conclusion I came to was “lower the difficulty”. Which, of course, is something I don’t really want to do. :confused:

I always play on Heroic, and usually Legendary if I am trying to complete a challenge. And the higher the difficulty, the more Fuel Rod Cannons are shooting at me by the thousands. Enemies are already hard enough on higher difficulties. Having swarms of them isn’t really challenging in a fun way at all, just damn frustrating and causes headaches.

Agreed, it’s a real problem with gaming in general these days. Even if the intention is for coop play you have to understand not everyone has friends available to play at all times. For whatever reason developers can’t wrap their heads around it.

I’ve always felt the Firefight and basically 4 player Horde modes should actually be 3 players with the ability to select doubles. Three Players in Spartan Ops and Fire Fight always seem to avoid the lag issues due to that fourth player being gone.

I don’t know man I get ticked off at the clowns saying Spartan Ops need lives of instead of infinite spawns. The Ai, can’t miss, the Spartan 4 shields are useless and their grenade arms are weak and pathetic. With Evade gone and Thruster Packs a pale version bordering on insulting, solo Spartan Ops on Legendary can be a real test of the love for this game.