Concerned about the ranked reset

The way they worded the changes, how vague and limited this reset is looking to be, I’m concerned. I could care less about how the ranked distribution looks. I care more about how a loss will take you sometimes close to 5 wins to recover from, or how when you MVP, you can sometimes loose CSR. Or how not enough is factored into you CSR during a game. From the way the update sounded, this reset is going to do little to address the biggest issues with ranked play.


Yep it only seems to be a distribution change from what they have said…which lets face it, is totally irrelevant if none of the real issues are addressed. I also understand that the way they calculate CSR may be changed so hopefully this will reward players that play the objective rather than those chasing KD.

Personally I don’t care if the game considers me to be Gold, Platinum, Diamond or Onyx…what is important is being matched against players of similar skill, receiving the correct increase or deduction in CSR, being rewarded for playing the objective and winning games.


That’s all I want too. To just be rewarded what seems fair for winning and loosing. Not gaining anything for a win or even loosing for a win I think is unacceptable. And I think loosing the amount of 5 wins per loss on a game with a close score is also unacceptable.

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The ideal ranking system would be to calculate the real skill of each individual player.
If you only assessed victory or defeat it would be a problem if you were playing alone.
We hope that the new matchmaking system works properly.

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343 are supposedly tweaking some things in Ranked, and because of these changes, it will require a reset.

But let’s face the music now folks, it’s just a temporary solution for a permanent problem, that has somehow existed since Halo 5.

We will all probably be disappointed but it’s going to be a work in progress for sure. I doubt they are going to give objective holders anything csr wise.

Ranked rejoin is important as well and doubt we get that anytime soon. Losing 15+ csr for a quit when the game crashes.

I have a hard time relating to the “it takes 5 wins to make up 1 loss”. The only time I go down big in csr is when I put up a stinker or quit / crash. This hold true for the people I play with as well from what I’ve seen. In theory once you get to the csr aligned with your hidden mmr - shouldn’t you basically stay relatively in the same spot? The exception to this is when we play badly. Basically once we get to our correct spot, we can’t really go up anymore - but can drop big because NO ONE PLAYS PERFECT ALWAYS. Then you win and get back to where you were before.


I appreciate they’re trying to improve ranked, but I don’t understand how a redistribution of ranks alone will improve the other issues that make the ranked experience frustrating. Hopefully there are additional updates that will be made to it soon.

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It’s usually not that bad of a derank unless I did really poorly. I have had a few exceptions to this, like with a teammate DC or me DCing, and (just off the top of my head) a game of slayer we lost 49-50 with me being the MVP, and loosing a whole half diamond rank. Idk if the 3 straight losses factored into that, but it is instances like that where I just want to walk away from this game.

It’s highly likely the amount of CSR you lose on a downward trajectory will be the same. Just as it will be if you are on an upward one. Numbers are made up to help clarity of the point.

Realistically most players will have three ranked experiences:

Lower Rank
Onyx - 1500 (High CSR gains, low CSR losses)

True Rank
Onyx - 1700 (Medium CSR gains, medium CSR losses)

Upper Rank
Onyx - 1900 (Low CSR gains, high CSR losses)

The player is rated Onyx 1700 by the MMR but their CSR could fluctuate either side of this for various reasons. The closer they get to 1900 the slower their CSR rises and the faster it falls. The closer they get to 1500 the faster their CSR rises and the slower their CSR falls.

The issue is that most players see their peak (Onyx 1900) as their true rank when their true rank may be more akin to Onyx 1700. So as they attempt to climb to Onyx 1900, they are fighting the tide and getting frustrated as they move closer to Onyx 1700. The losses will hit harder than the wins. However, if they find themselves below 1700 after a bad spell then they will quickly be able to move back towards their true rank.

So basically stop always chasing a higher rank. If you aren’t going up its because you aren’t doing enough consistently to be the higher rank yet. You’ll get there if you focus on improving your game sense, not just complaining about the ranking system being unfair.

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I predict that we will all play 10-20 games and we will all be locked into our rank again.

Edit: also why would I play after reset if I’m not going to achieve a higher rank.

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This is another issue I foresee happening, and kind of why I wish they had just expanded the ranks on the high end to Champion rather than a mid season reset.

For me, it was not a fun experience grinding to Onyx. A lot of my time in Diamond I had to do solo, which isn’t ideal. And then fewer and fewer of my friends are playing this game, meaning to do it all over I’m probably going in alone again, more often than not.

On top of that, it will be hard for those who achieved Onyx to think of themselves as Diamond, Diamond to now think of themselves as Platinum, Platinum to think of themselves as Gold, etc. Plus the toxicity associated with invalidating old vs new ranks.

Without a new ranked playlist offering, or some assurances the other issues plaguing ranked aren’t going to be a problem anymore (cheaters, quitters, 3v4 CSR losses, objective vs KDA weighting, social MMR impact on ranked MMR, boosters, smurfers), I don’t know why anyone would want to do this again until there’s new maps, Season 2, or a new ranked playlist.

But maybe that’s just me I guess. And, perhaps tomorrow’s Waypoint article / update on new content will change how I feel. Hoping, but cautiously optimistic!


Because the main focus of ranked is to get close and competitive games, not just continually rise in rank. Although obviously that is a factor in why people play, to see that progression. Do think people expect that progression to happen overnight sometimes.

I think it took me about 400 games of Team Slayer to get above level 28 in Halo 3.

They need to address games like this:

Plat 5 at the bottom was solo queue. 1900 Onyx lost no MMR for a loss. It’s confusing how this works.

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Might as well player social if you’re not playing for your rank to rise.

It probably took you that many games cause you played 1000s of social games… MMR was in social and ranked back then too.

I think this is the key.

I can take the reset as long as they are doing something to level the playing field.

Cheaters are a long term battle.

Quitters they need to go harder against. But I appreciate they need to clean up their PC crashes first. Unless their telemetry data can identify the genuine crashes - in which case go harder on the quitters.

3v4 I would like to see them make the game 3v3 (rotate the 4th player off the bench with each death) and give the quitter a chance to rejoin. And if they can’t then mitigate any CSR changes from the result.

Objective vs KDA weighting… I think they simply need to come out and say what the weighting is. I suspect it is actually k/min not k/d - and that the role of kills in objective games is minimal. But we need them to say it.

Same with social MMR impact on rank. It’s effect is minimal. But because of the bot-camp MMR controversy (which is completely different situation) they need to come out and say it. The narrative has been lost in the community at large.

Boosters and Smurfers. We desperately need a limit on MMR range in squads… and a way of limiting new accounts (when they can go into ranked - or at least when they can squad up).


No I just didn’t improve so I couldn’t maintain the rank and kept falling and getting it back up over and over. Which is what people are doing now.

The gametypes are different and I enjoy how most games are much close than social and more competitive. I don’t need my rank to rise to feel that. I just want intense games. Social doesn’t give that consistently.

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As incredible as it may seem, smurfing is still occurring right up to the reset date. Today I had one match where a player’s gamertag began with the word “Smurf”. The remainder of the name suggested that he has done this more than once.

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Rest assured it will make you mad, it is their job.

That’s due to most people doing challenges/messing about in social, like myself, when previous events were on. However, like all Halo’s, social effects your MMR.

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Smurfing isn’t an issue -playing better players can help you improve.