Concerned about hackers

As Halo Infinite has gone live, I’ve enjoyed the ranked games and getting competitive. In my off time I sometimes watch my favorite streamers. What I am noticing is more and more of people playing running into wall hacks & aim bots. There currently isn’t a system to report this, unless you go to hallowaypoint, which I don’t think people will do between matches. I also think this will spread to console as well with hardware systems like the Cronus Zen.

I’m curious what others think about this ruining the competitive scene or even quickplay. Since this game is free now it makes getting new accounts very easy for hackers who get banned, that is my main concern. More of an issue on PC, but curious what others think.

Would having a ban on account solve this? Should there be a system like what CS:GO has for reviewing replays?

Bans won’t really solve much for a free-to-play game since there is no barrier for re-entry

I think eventually they’ll either have to implement a kernel-level anti cheat and/or implement a system similar to overwatch in CS:GO where people can review suspected cheaters and take action.