Concern about halo infinite emblems/armor coatings

Unable to color our Spartan armor/emblem the way we have in previous games (until further notice) is a big discussion I have almost every time with my Halo friends when Infinite is brought up, rather it being from a hindrance in the clan community or just an overall annoyance for the player. Plus the lack of customization in the color/coating sticks out like a sore thumb compared to all the amazing stuff we can customize! 343i should however keep making armor coatings like Scorpion Punch and Watchdog but just let us color them.


I agree. I think removing the old system is a mistake.


The old classic was a good system for it’s time but was limiting as well. Only able in changing primary, secondary and tertiary colors of your Spartan. They didn’t give so much depth in the colors, it was barebones but us fans were satisfied with it, even I enjoyed alot of what it was worth.

The armor coatings however. The colors in a complex coating wheel sprinkle all around the Spartan in a creatively good way.

They are able to give a more compounded patterned look to the Spartan compared to the basic colors we were very used to.

I’m so glad they brought back color-camos from Halo 4 because it was gone unrecognised by the community over the years and with 343 taking a stab at returning lost aspects in the Halo series.

Something like they did with the coating ‘Ghost Grey’ really made me be all for this change. I rocked it for a good while with my trailblazer helm in the flights and it looked pretty dope!

I’d say they’re doing an awesome job with the armor coatings.

I don’t mind shilling out money to pay for a more complex set of colors that’s better done than the shader system in Destiny 2.


I think so too. A merger between the new and old would be preferable.


I would hope for a compromise like that to be made, I don’t think it’d be far-fetched to be honest.


If the colours of the coatings could be changed (for example: if you want, make an green arm instead of red for scopion punch), then i would not complain about this system and i would love it. All i wanted was a white armor with the black techsuit (the default one) and i wasnt able to get it, because instead of having a recruit or cadet white, all coatings that have that colour are locked in the highest tiers of the battle pass and/or are premium. And to make things even worse they make the techsuit white too which is a thing that i hated a lot from halo 4 and 5.


They removed multiplayer colors so they could sell them back to us as battlepass padding. That’s pretty damn sleazy in my book. And to top it off, the whole reason they got rid of team colors and gave us that godawful overlay system was so we could look more “unique”


I wish they’d let us keep the customisation we’ve had since the Halo 2 days. If they want to sell their fancy new “coatings” with all their special filters and patterns, fine. That’s selling us something extra we didn’t have before. But why can’t I opt for the old pastel primary and secondary colours if I want to? Even Halo 5 with its atrocious REQ system didn’t deny us primarily and secondary colours.

And speaking of mistakes from Halo 5, using that static emblem system once again is really disappointing. The level of personality and creativity people could eek out of a limited set of symbols and backgrounds simply by changing the combinations and colours was inspiring. It gave a little bit of individuality to everyone without letting them upload or draw their own emblems. That disappeared in Halo 5.

I think it will be hard to walk it back now that people have paid cold hard cash for these things, though. If they do restore the old colour and emblem customisation the people who paid for the more exclusive ones in the store or unlocked them in their paid season pass under the impression that it was the only way to access something more unique will complain.

None of this is the end of the world. Just a little sad to remember what we had.


Yeah, agreed. I might not mind so much if they kept Rune in, my only used emblem for the past 15 years, but of the returning emblems, they seemed to have chosen the worst ones.


For it’s time, it was enough. This armor coating system is better than the ‘1’ and 2’ system and Destiny shader system, OBJECTIVELY. It’s more of a step-up than a step-down.

Feel free to keep thinking like I’m a villian for bashing a company that didn’t want to keep making Halo sequels since the first game but I didn’t put that interpretation in your head.

The coatings have 6 or 7 color-tiles (if you count the sphere which is the armor material) in the wheel that you select while Destiny’s has only FOUR tiles.


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It would be amazing if they brought back the old emblem system. MCC did it so well with nameplates. Now we just equip emblems because it’s legendary. Then, everyone has it equipped and that becomes the meta. I agree on armor materials/patterns being sold separately from colors.


100% agreed and for someone like me who’s a very casual Halo player, it would further help distinguish my teammates from enemy who use the same skins/colors


I didn’t think of that but it is a good point, it’s odd to that MCC has the best customization but we only fully see our “drip” in customs games

Seriously, yeah; I know they have other things to work on, but I do hope adding the full selection of the basic primary colors, like the typical Primary Color and Secondary Color choices in past games, is in @343’s backlog.

That or something more advanced like this what ever they do just let me color my armor/emblem (and also adding my armor like the original 12 or anything that get me EOD back!)

I’m fine with the coating system, just let us have access to the customization of it. Let us have access to the colours, but let us buy or get rewarded the textures and patterns.

I was trying to post a pic that showed somebody broke down the armor and coating system so you could do just that mess with colored and patterns it’s perfect


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