Concept art vid: Good finds.

Post your finds from the concept art video here. And / or the halo 4 panel.

I see humans (humanoid?) dressed in tribal clothing.

I see mech-size sentinels (not sure of name, but its the big sentinel as seen in the H3 concept arts)

I see whats probably a shield world, previously portrayed as a mechanical-only superstructure now has terraformed surface. Other art suggests the basis of shield world interior as seen in previous installments.

I also see a forerunner dreadnought (cruiser) active in background. In addition, the panel hinted at living forerunner inside the structures.

Series of similar ships approach during end of video, scary music ensues. They have a non-defined art-style but could represent something new.

Scream at the end probably resembles “ancient evil” Perhaps a precursor in a stasis-container?

I posted some snips I’v taken from the trailer in other post. With out a mouse right now I don’t feel like doing it. If you find my pics just credit me.