Comunity made ramake maps in matchmaking?

I, personally, think that the six remade maps are awesome, but I think there could be more made. I know 343 probably won’t make a map pack for anniversary remakes, so I am suggesting that we, as a community, make our own in the already existing forge environments in Reach and see if we can get 343 to accept them and put them into matchmaking. People complain about Hemorrhage not being an accurate enough Blood Gulch remake, right? The answer could be to forge an original Blood Gulch variant out of Hemorrhage, and do the same with others. If we can get our community to make maps and see if 343 will put them in matchmaking, then I think that would be just as good as making entirely new remakes from scratch. What do you guys think?

You must have never come across this thread.

Or these

Warlock Anniversary
Longest Anniversary
Foundation Anniversary
Chiron TL-34 Anniversary
Chill Out Anniversary

No, I havn’t since I have not been on Xbox live in a while. Thanks for the info.