[Compromise] Red Reticle on PC

Instead of adding a red reticle while aiming at players within your current weapon’s effective range, in which you have bullet magnetism. I believe the opposite should be considered, for the sake of compromise. If this compromise were considered, it’d likely have to also be an option for Xbox users to toggle between this version, and legacy red reticle.

While aiming at an enemy outside of your current weapon’s effective range, there should be a red X in the center of the crosshair, or beside your crosshair somewhere, to indicate the enemy being outside of your effective range. That way, while it could be used for auto-fire by cheaters, it would be a far less effective method of cheating, and likely be a detriment to attempt to use in your favor.

Alternatively, perhaps enemy outlines should only appear on enemies within your current weapon’s effective range. It’d give long range weapons the benefit of easier long range enemy detection, serve as a fair nerf to seeing enemies from further away than you otherwise would be able to, and provide incentive to scout out areas with longer range weapons. Unlike the other compromise, it’d be nearly impossible to make an auto-fire cheat that gets around this method.

I do believe the risk of simple auto-fire cheats that read the screen(and cannot be detected by anti-cheat), is worth losing the red reticle over, else that cheat will be extremely common, especially in SWAT and Team Snipers. Remember, this game will be Free to Play, and 343i doesn’t want people to hate them for that fact when cheaters do pop up, however I do believe it’s worth it for 343i to consider using red reticle alternatives such as the ones I’ve mentioned.