Comprehensive Patch Notes?

Are we ever going to get a solid list of patch notes? It’s very useful for going into ranked and casuals knowing which guns are getting nerfed, what map changes there are, etc.

I don’t know why this isn’t a custom practice for all?


People actually read those?! Yikes
I figured they were like TOS, we just agree and move on :man_shrugging:

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LOL, I am in a job that requires that I read TOS and Privacy Policies, so maybe I am a rare breed, but I really do like to know statistical changes for all updates. It may be a lot of upkeep, but that’s how I stay competitive. Especially as someone who has less time to play and test to figure out these things, I really like reading on my downtime about what changes there are, and then applying them later on when I get the chance to play.

Literally everyone reads patch notes of a game if they play it frequently. If you don’t know how the meta is shifting you can end up sitting there using a BR thinking it’s a 4sk, but you didn’t read the patch notes that say it’s been increased to an 8sk, or whatever.


Exactly, patch notes like Smite has really help me stay competitive when they nerf Gods, if I don’t know they made a hydra a 2 shot rather than a 4 shot, i may avoid it like it do now instead of training to get better with it. Especially in a game where they may be coming with classic weapons, it will be very helpful for determining meta for those who don’t test/play constantly.

I agree!!! I don’t understand the story of notes and have no useful information for anyone that plays the game.

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Like, give me a set of story notes and then a set of technical notes. Similar to Diablo 3’s system of statistics. Some people just want to see that it does cool fiery effects or angelic holy damage. Others want to know the exact percentage more damage it does per hit than another ability. Give us both and make it a win win for everyone

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