Comprehensive list of core player feedback for Halo Infinite

Another way to ease the weekly grind for the ultimate reward is to make it a sort of point system rather than do all of em sort of thing, make it something like 25 points. The points could be gained via weeklies on top of the xp they normally give, and the weeklies would be broken down by tier with the game giving 1 easy weekly (2 for season pass owners) 1 medium and 1 hard at a time.

For easy weeklies they could give 100xp and 1 point towards your ultimate each week, there would be an unlimited amount of them and they would be things like get 5 assists or 5 kills. Pretty much easy things you can do in any match regardless of mode and could be typically done in that 1 match. Could have a cap on these so only so many can be completed each day like 5 per day or something.

Medium weeklies could give 250xp and 2 points, say with a max of 5 per week. These could be similar to the easy ones but a bit higher quantities so they would typically be done across 2-3 matches instead of 1.

Hard weeklies would give 500xp and 5 points and only be 1 per week. These could be things like get 20 wins, something that would take a bit of time to do and keep you busy for the week or night depending on how much you play while still being relatively obtainable for casual players who can only play so much each week. Could even throw in a little bonus for this like 25 credits for the shop.

On top of this they could have the dailies give 100xp for the first 5 matches and 50xp for every match after those 5.

This would allow people to complete their ultimate weekly without forcing them to play things they don’t want to play and without having to throw matches while trying to get kills with some random weapon or vehicle they know they are terrible with, seriously those kinds of things are no fun for anyone, not the person doing them and not the people stuck with that person trying to do it on their team. Would also make it more obtainable for casual players who many not be good enough to pull off that 360 no scope headshot with the noodler and for people who simply don’t have a crap ton of time to play a dozen matches every night.

250ms is not playable and the threshold for what is considered a good connection must be lowered.

Australia is not a small community, we have a huge community of players.

The MAJORITY of my games are 180-250ms.
I have accepted that I will never have an enjoyable BTB match with a ping under 100. It hasn’t happened a single time since launch. So I will not queue for it anymore.

80-90% of my quickplay matches are over 100ms.
I can reluctantly deal with 90ms, which are SEA servers, but anything more is atrocious and makes me want to stop playing.

I have no confidence it will ever be addressed, as the focus
of 343 is feedback from NA players, and their concerns.
Smaller regions simply won’t be heard, and the issue of region selection is not noticed whatsoever. Just look at the posts claiming to consolidate all major feedback. No mention of being forced into 250ms games in any of them.

We have to be loud about this

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I think this is a good comprehensive list for 343 to look at.

I don’t know if this would help but I like to make a list of what I like to see changed from most to least priority

  1. Armor pieces should not be exclusive to Armor Kits. I’m sure almost all people would want as much armor pieces to customize and to lock away some of them where they can only be used in a set is mindboggling and is keeping me away from buying the battle pass. Add those separate pieces to the battle pass please.
  2. More vechicles in BTB. The games feel a bit boring and pelican vechicle spawns are slow. I feel that the ghost should spawn regularly like the warthog. The normal warthog and ghost should be taken away from Pelican drops. And there should be more frequent vechicle drops for people to have fun in trying out more different vechicles.
  3. Some gameplay that needs fixing. Aiming on controller is a bit weird and still missing the red reticle when aiming at an enemy. Assualt Rifle feels a bit too strong ccompared to everything else. Motion Tracker feels useless as is and may need to go back to old style. Hud needs change so assess grenade and equipment information better when at the heat of a fight.
  4. Lastly cuz Idk if it will be an issue, but we need a good amount of playlist at launch. Like FFA, Swat, snipers, and infection.
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I really miss the casual feel of the Halo 5 pistol. The sidekick takes too many trigger pulls and has no range. You have to be so fast and focused. Maybe put it in competitive and give casual playlists a pistol that isn’t for people who want everything to be as difficult to use as possible? I’m starting to get annoyed with this game being so heavily balanced for competitive play. Most of us don’t go to or watch tournaments. The pros can be as sweaty as they want and most halo fans don’t even care. But we do care about halo being a fun game. why Nerf the Hydra so much? Put that in competitive and bring back the function of h5. There’s no heavy vehicles in BTB right now unless you count the last 2 minutes. I would either like to start with a BR or the H5 pistol. Really missing thrust movement mechanics. Map traversal was really fun with thrust slides. Now it’s the only part of sprint sliding missing. Plasma caster aka beaver cannon was great in casual play. Void’s tear <333

Overall, there’s not much for casual players and I feel pretty left out. Would have given feedback but never got invited to flights. This surprise after 6 years of anticipation makes me feel like casual players were an after thought.

Most casual players couldn’t care less about HCS, it’s not even on their radar. Which means that after 6 years, most fans got a multiplayer that wasn’t for them.


I don’t know about the flag but the oddball has a greatly reduced melee reload speed, you can easily smack someone twice with it before they can smack you a second time. I kind of like needing to hit twice for the kill, makes it feel a little less cheap although I do wish the move speed was at least normal with it.

The Battle Pass / Battle Pass Progression

Personally I dont mind battle passes if I see value in them. Currently I feel like im working harder to unlock things like XP Boosts and skips than anything else.

I believe that if there were more items in the battle pass that could be used for customization and in game currency. This would not only provide more value in the battle pass, but it would give players a good reason to put in the time to get the gear they want. This could also have things like color edits, textures and more.

I also feel like the current progression system is not the best. Daily challenges are good but having them be the ONLY means of leveling up makes the game stressful and tedious to play. Taking away from players actually being able to play the game and focusing more on going into each match trying to complete said challenges rather than playing the objectives. I feel like having not only a rank system in the game provides almost a point of pride to each player, but if done correctly could also go hand in hand with the battle pass progression. My ideas for this are as follows…

Completing a game = 50exp
Winning a game = 50exp
Losing a game = 25exp
Per Kill = 15exp
(During Slayer matches = 25exp)
Completing per game objectives (ie CTF, Stronghold, etc) = 35exp
Obtaining badges (ie Double kill, etc) = +2.15% of total EXP score
(Can stack a total of 5 times)

I believe that having a system like this in place would help stream line things in a much smoother way. I also believe that having something like this put in place would also allow you to be able to keep the battle pass tiers at 1000exp per tier, and not have the battle pass fly by too quickly. it would also allow players to feel as though their games mean more than hoping that they are able to complete a challenge and progress.

But then theres the possible issue of “What happens when a player finishes the battle pass?”
I believe that something that could be put into the game would be something like a “Spartan Shop”.
A Special shop that players can access ONLY AFTER the battle pass has been completed. Where their exp can be banked and used as a currency to obtain things like special color pallets, special armor pieces, limited banners, etc. But have the rotation happen every 24hours. This would help to give a since of urgency to players to grind out their matches to “buy” that special piece that they want before it leaves. This shop cannot be paid for using real currency. Only EXP banked AFTER the battle pass. This could also tie into the cash shop. Where if theres something that a player wants and they havent finished the battle pass, THEN they have the option of paying for it with real money. But the prices of said items need to be reasonable and able to equate to EXP Banked. For example, theres a banner I want. I can pay five bucks for it, or 500xp to get it (assuming ive finished the battle pass)


  1. I have paid for two of the team armor sets through the store (amongst other things) and while I am in love with them. I wish that i could customize my spartan while allowing the application of the cloud nine or the space station color pallets and other parts. As it currently sits. Once you purchase one of these spartan sets, your locked to only use what is there. You cannot even change the emblem. I would even accept the color pallets and the emblems locked together. But Im not a fan of locking all of them together with no other options. Same with the armor set that is currently in the market. You currently are not able to buy the set of armor and have the pieces, color, visor and other parts added to your overall armory. You have to deal with it the way it is. I would change this by unlocking each piece allowing the player to have a full armory to build the spartan that they want to. Giving them an overall armory would allow them build the spartan they want and go into each game with a sense of pride as that would be THEIR spartan out there.

Theres also the matter of the color pallets. I feel that if there was a system in place like the color system of Anthem. Then it would really fit in here. Different things to color on their spartan, different textures to use. This could include chipped paint, flawless paint, any so much more. These ideas can even be carried over to the battle pass. Remove the XP Boost and the skips and add things like different textures (smooth, chipped paint, new paint, carbon fiber, etc), different types of paints (flats, gloss, camo, pearl, etc). This would allow for the customization that is wanted and needed in a game like this thats bigger than life. The customization should be as well.


The UI
I really like the small changes to the UI. The only change that I would like to see here, would be the fire team banner and icons moved to the bottom of the screen. This would allow players to completely see their team. I would also move and resize a few things but thats more personal tweaks than anything else.

Personal AI Units
I absolutely love the personal AI units. And honestly its probably one of my favorite things hands down. I cant count the amount of times my personal AI has made me laugh at the things she says. That being said. I have notices more than a few times when the game will randomly change my personal AI. But oddly enough, it always change it to butlr. Im not sure if its a bug or a line of the code that loads when a player finishes a match and jumps right back into matchmaking rather than going back to the MODE selection and the Play Button as these are the only times ive noticed it.


Modes and Game Selections
I understand that this is still in beta. But I would like to see the player being able to either choose what game types they want to play (ie Slayer, CTF, TDM, etc) or being able to give the player a list of the games types where they can check and uncheck the types of games they want to play. i think this makes more sense rather than forcing all player to play all games types. I personally dont like CTF games. So currently my only options are to either drop out of games, or to force myself to grind through them. Changing this would also allow players to customize their experience even more while building on the “play the way you want to” theme that halo infinite is known for.


The monetization in this game is all over the place. Theres a suite of armor that you had to spend twenty dollars for. There are sets ranging from five dollars to ten dollars. While I understand the business model for this. Halo has always been about the fans. And thus I feel needs to continue this tradition. Keep the Shop in the game. Tie it into the system that I mentioned before. But I also believe that if you want to make money in a game like this, there are a few rules that need to be adhered to…

  1. Make things affordable.
  2. Make the items in the shop something that can still be obtained in the core game.
  3. Whatever you have in the shop. It needs to be something that the player finds value in and something that they can use at their leisure.

Having certain items locked to certain cores dosent make any sense. I have seen that a lot of this game goes by things in the lore. From the movies, to the books. And in all aspects, armor pieces can be mixed and matched according to what is needed for that mission. Well this mission is multiplayer. As I stated above, If players had the option to unlock items for their overall armory, this would give the result that follows the lore built into the core of this game.