Comprehensive list of core player feedback for Halo Infinite

Thank you for compiling all this in such a nice form. Let’s hope 343 sees it! <3


Not about fairness.
Think about it. As gamers, we are more likely to hold onto those swaps for a potentially even more difficult future challenge. And we only get 40(?) free ones in the battle pass. That’s only 40 challenges per season.

The problem isn’t that the unlockable is too difficult to unlock in a week. I mean, some challenges may be really tough to do within a week and extremely luck based (bulltrue, for example, with no weapon consistency and really no great weapon to combat swords in close range), but they aren’t impossible.

The problem is that even people who aren’t trying to rush through leveling the battlepass WILL still try to unlock those items, which means trying to complete all the challenges every week, which is what’s causing people to quit out of games that don’t help them and play exclusively for themselves when they have a challenge, rather than to play for the win.

That is what’s ruining gameplay for everyone right now, all because the challenges are limited time and difficult, not only to complete, but even to ATTEMPT.

Another issue with customization is regarding premium kits. You’re paying real money, likely just for the armor coating (color scheme), but not only can you not alter the kit, you cannot use that coatng outside of the full kit. Thats a total waste of money.


The best way to fix this imo would be to have challenges reward credits which you can buy challenge swaps with, and if that’s not enough then possibly giving players bundles of challenge swaps instead of single challenge swaps when you get to those ranks in the battle pass

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That is an upgrade, although it doesn’t really solve the problem that due to FOMO on the weekly item, people will be grinding out the challenges every week, quitting games and playing selfishly to complete their challenges and ruining the game for everyone.

People are much more likely to grind out a tough challenge for free when they have a full week to work on it rather than swap out the challenge, whether they got a swap for free (and will likely hold onto it until the end of time) or they have to buy one (and their money is better spent on BP, store cosmetics, etc)

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Yeah I do definitely agree with all of your points; I’m just making the point that I can’t really blame 343 because the game is, ultimately, free.

I would add controller aim sensitivity to this list. If you max sensitivity, max acceleration, max input thresholds, and minimize deadzones (which should theoretically give the highest sensitivity), the turn speed is still substantially lower than it was in both the flights and in previous Halo titles. It’s incredibly frustrating for anyone who plays on 10…

Bumping this post for its awesomeness :slight_smile:
This is a very detailed and concise list, i hope 343i is actually having people read through and collect data from waypoint, because this stuff does need addressing

You cant blame them for a choice they made??? Odd reasoning

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Especially on the topic of armor, body types, and XP. On the topic of body types, we need a definitive feminine body type (Female) as we had before. Right now, all of them look male or non-binary. Which, despite what they were going for, is non-inclusive. And that extends to MCC too, thanks to their previous patch.


Just butting in.
The choice was made to have more content to pad the battlepass with, and be able to more easily and cheaper create more of that content.

Let’s say they’d have made it so you could change the color of every individual color layer of an Armor Coat. That’s seven layers. With one coat and 10 colors you get an insane amount of combinations.
Add to that several different coats with different material, camo configurations and so forth. You’d have an incomprehensible amount of combinations to make.

But, in simplification, basically, all i343 needs to do now is open whatever texture program the use, chose a color and change it, and they’ve created a new asset to be sold on the storefront.

I couldn’t believe that it’s due to poor planning, as you simply can’t sit down, decide to have color customizable coats or whatever, then in some way end up with a basic skin system.

Surprised aim assist hasn’t been mentioned in the OP.

The thing is, are they really making that much more money by locking the store behind a paywall that is additionally very expensive. Take me, a long time halo fan, with the prices on the store right now I know for certain that even if they put my favourite armor in their for 20 bucks, I won’t even think of buying it, so they won’t gain money from me. If they made it so that I had to grind for it I would do it in a heart beat, granted they wouldn’t get money from that either, but at least they would have a healthy player base that way.


Infinite Pitch Meeting

“Hey, remember how in 5 you could only change helmet and armour? How about we create kits that are basically recruit level armour that can’t be changed, and make it a cool colour that you can’t apply to anything other than this one basic armour set. And let’s charge as much as the entire Battle Pass for it.”

“Seems a little stingy”

“Oh, but we’ll throw in and a weapon coating that’s only for one weapon, and it will come with a sticker you can’t change. AND you won’t be able to apply any charms to it.”

“Anything else?”

“Ok, how about a nameplate too?”

“Can I change the col-“


“Well alright then.”


While I understand where you’re coming from, Ranked doesn’t have radar, so I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. Ranked should definitely never have radar. It’s too much of a crutch. I also personally believe that the radar in Arena and BTB is fine as is. But I assume I’m in minority on that, since I also liked the original flight #1’s combat sensor, as opposed to what we have now.

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you just said all the things i was about to say concerning progression and cosmetics so thanks

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I was planning to make this exact post! Thanks for saving me the effort mate. Very extensive and includes almost all my gripes.

the only thing i’d add would be respawn timer reduced to 8 seconds and have an option to have a 1st person view while respawning, i hate 3rd person camera while i’m respawning.

I also Cannot agree with BR starts in BTB. The thread that has a lot of comments is overwhelmingly in favour of not having a BR start in BTB. Historically it’s hurt the sandbox in modes its the starting weapon as 95% of people don’t bother finding or using other weapons and that’s simply put, boring.

At the very LEAST give players an option of starting with BR or AR in the options so the BR start meme can end. This way AR starts can stay (I like them) and BR starts can happen for those that turn it on in the options.

One thing that has been bothering me a lot lately is the lack of hitmarkers for high fire-rate weapons. The BR only gives you one hitmarker per burst, even if you are hitting all 3 bullets. The AR and chaingun only give you hitmarkers every few bullets. This makes hit registration feel inconsistent and unsatisfying. Just give us hitmarkers every bullet like the Commando has.

Very well written and thought out. You raised a lot of issues that I put in my post. And I like that it’s not just another complaint post as it is a well thought out, well written feedback post with things that could help to fix things. Great job.

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What’s wrong with the aim assist?